Dear White People Season 3 Trailer Teases 'Same Title, New Spin' — Watch

Dear white people (and everyone else): Forget everything you know about Dear White People.

A new trailer for Season 3 of Netflix’s woke college comedy — which you can watch above — opens with Sam declaring she’s “done” with her provocative campus radio show, and that’s not the only huge change afoot. As one character puts it, “if everyone stayed exactly the same, life would be tedious and predictable… like the third season of a Netflix show.” How meta!

The rest of the trailer teases a lighter, goofier season, with Joelle taking over Sam’s seat in the radio booth and promising: “Same title, new spin.” We also see: a Queer Eye parody called U.S. of Gay with a British fashion expert clearing all the white hoods out of a KKK member’s closet; Lionel getting into some serious kink at an S&M club; Yvette Nicole Brown joining the cast as Coco’s mom; and Giancarlo Esposito returning as the mysterious Narrator for more “Scooby-Doo mysteries,” as Lionel calls them.

Joelle sums it all up thusly: “Think Moonlight meets Sex and the City, but boiling over with all the tea.” Want a cup? Season 3 (sorry, “Volume 3”) hits Netflix on Friday, Aug. 2. Press PLAY above for a sneak peek, and then hit the comments below to share your thoughts. 

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