Dr John dies aged 77 — farewell to the last star who inspired Jim Henson’s chaotic Muppets’ band – The Sun

BLUES great Dr John, who has died aged 77, inspired Jim Henson’s chaotic Muppets’ band.

Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem’s characters were all based on musical icons and Dr John was the last one left. AMY JONES reveals who was meant to be who in the group.

Dr Teeth and Dr John


THE singer/pianist, famous for his extravagant headwear, inspired band leader Dr Teeth.

Dr John, real name Mac Rebennack, was dubbed “the blackest white man in the world” and was an ex-junkie from New Orleans.

He took his name from a voodoo priest, played with bands like the Stones and won six Grammys.

Janice and Janis Joplin

SINGER Janis, who died from an overdose in 1970 aged just 27, gave Janice her long, hippy hair and flower-power clothes.

Janis didn’t play an instrument but sassy Janice plays bass, trumpet and trombone.

Floyd Pepper and John Lennon

BEATLE Lennon’s 1967 hippy period, which produced the classic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, was the influence for Floyd’s name and costume.

John was shot dead aged 40 in 1980.

Zoot as Gato Barbieri

ARGENTINIAN sax legend Barbieri was one of the first major Latin jazz stars and won a Grammy for scoring sex film Last Tango In Paris.

He gave Zoot his shades and hat look. Died in 2016 aged 83.

Animal as Keith Moon

THE Who’s legendary wild drummer Keith died aged 32 in 1978 from an overdose.

He inspired Animal’s ferocious drumming style and mad chants of “BEAT DRUMS! BEAT DRUMS!” and “WO-MAN!”

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