EastEnders' Dean Gaffney and Michael Greco risk wrath of fans as they work out together saying 'Covid won't stop us'

EASTENDERS' Dean Gaffney and Michael Greco today risked the wrath of fans as they filmed themselves working out together.

The pair were seen doing pull ups in a child's playground, saying "Covid won't stop us".

Dean, 42, shared the video of them exercising together on his Instagram story.

The pair have been friends for years after working on EastEnders' together in the early noughties.

In this clip you can see the pair showing off their muscles as they encourage each other work harder.

Dean is the first in shot, and can be seen working out with the hit song Eye Of The Tiger playing in the background and written across the video is "Covid won't stop us".

Next we see Michael also doing pull ups as he he filmed by Dean.

Some fans could see this as flouting strict social distancing rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

From midnight tonight the country goes into another lockdown until mid-February.

The new rules will mean that you can exercise with another person but you still need to respect social distancing.

It comes after the number of people testing positive for Covid explodes across England and a mutant strain takes hold in all regions.

Meanwhile, Dean came under fire last June when The Sun revealed how he breached lockdown to attend a wild party with strippers — despite previously fearing he had coronavirus.

A stripper and glamour model known as “Miss Lana Wolf” posted a ­picture of Dean and partygoers on Instagram.

She added: “You know it’s been a wild weekend when you’ve fed Avatar in a jacuzzi.”

The party was held in Huddersfield, more than 200 miles from his Essex home, with guests arriving from all over the country.

One told The Sun: “It was a two-day party and day one was fancy dress. Lots of Instagram ­models and wannabe glamour models were invited from all over the UK.

“There was a lot going on all over the house and a lot of booze and other substances taken. The hot tub also saw a lot of action.

“Dean wants to get his TV career back on track but being associated with things like this can’t help him.”

In March last year, Dean, who has twin daughters, told how he feared he had the virus after the Government updated the list of symptoms.

Dean had been watching the news and snapped a photo of the telly, writing over the top: “Haven’t been able to smell or taste for days… oh s!!!”

Last year Dean admitted he hoped to one day return to Albert Square as Robbie Jackson, who he has played on and off since 1993.

He got the boot in 2019 for begging a mum of two to send him raunchy snaps on Facebook.

But he claimed: “I had a meeting with the boss and they said, ‘The door is left open for Robbie and we will definitely see you in the future’.

“It will happen at some point. It’s just a case of when it happens. So I can’t complain about that.”

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