EastEnders fans beg Jacqueline Jossa to return full time as she shares backstage shots

EastEnders fans are calling for former cast favourite Jacqueline Jossa to make a full-time return to the soap after a surprise cameo delighted viewers.

It has been a week of shocks and surprises in the BBC soap as Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) made a comeback after 25 years, having previously been said to have died in childbirth in prison.

But she wasn't the only ex star to reappear unexpectedly, as Jacqueline and her old co-star Thomas Law made a return as Lauren Branning and Peter Beale, much to the excitement of fans.

Cindy was revealed to be alive, well and living in France on Wednesday when investigations into the disappearance of Rose Knight showed she was using a false identity and was actually the former cafe owner.

Viewers already knew that Adam Woodyatt was slated to return to Walford as Ian Beale in the storyline which shows the former couple have reunited.

Another shock was on the cards, though, as it turned out on Thursday that Cindy had been living in France with son Peter and his son, Louie.

When they arrived back on Albert Square, so did another blast from the past – Lauren, Louie's mother, who had come to collect him from Peter.

Although the chemistry between Lauren and Peter was still clear to see, Lauren's shock over discovering that Peter had been hiding the truth about Cindy left her furious, while Peter pleaded with her to give him a chance.

EastEnders fans are hoping it won't be the last they will see of Lauren as they begged Jacqueline to come back to her old role – and Thomas's return as Peter was confirmed after the episode.

Lauren posted behind-the-scenes photos with Thomas and Adam on Instagram and wrote: "Surprise! Photo bombed by the one and only @adamwoodyatt!!

"Glad to see you guys back where you belong. @thomaslaw44 was my first Peter, I remember watching the show when I was younger and rooting for Lauren and Peter, before I even knew I would ever be her."

Thomas replied: "Love this Jac! Apologies for crossing my eyes with Adam! Haha. You were so good in the ep. Such a strong performance. X"

Fans agreed, as one commented: "tom was my first peter too and i will always root for lauren and peter so if you could come back and make that happen pls, that would be great."

Someone else added: "Acting is what your best at. Hope to see you back in Eastenders in the future!"

Another fan commented: "It was so lovely seeing you in last nights episode Jac, I hope you’re here to stay."

Viewers loved the surprise, as one wrote: "Love this … obviously knew about Ian and cindy but you two what a fantastic surprise sneaky."

Someone else added: "it was great to see you back, along with Adam, Michelle and Thomas. Hope this won't be the last we see of you though x"

Another viewer wrote: "Loved watching yous all in last nights episode,, yous should all be back permanently especially you @jacjossa fingers crossed for your return."

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