EastEnders fans discover Bex’s devastating fate before legend’s explosive return

EastEnders fans finally discovered Bex Fowler's fate tonight after her heartbreaking suicide bid – before a legend returned to Albert Square.

In devastating scenes on Thursday night, Bex wrote a goodbye note to her parents before trying to take her own life alone in her room.

Friday's emotional episode began with panicking Sonia Fowler trying to save her daughter's life before the paramedics arrived.

At the hospital, Sonia was massively relieved when drowsy Bex woke up and started immediately reassuring her daughter.

There was someone notably missing from the hospital, despite Sonia's attempts to get him there, but he made an explosive return.

Sonia had desperately tried to contact Martin, who has been staying away from Walford to protect wife Stacey Fowler after she attacked Phil Mitchell.

Max tried to reassure his niece Sonia but she was fuming with Martin for not answering her calls.

"He's made his choice. If he loved her he’d be here already," snapped Sonia.

However, unbeknownst to her, Martin had already made his shock return back to the Square.

Hooded Martin tried to remain undetected as he prowled around the streets trying to keep himself unnoticed.

He looked seething as he stared at Ben Mitchell, who knows that Stacy is responsible for whacking Phil over the head with a spanner.

Will Martin risk being rumbled to see his daughter in hospital?

EastEnders viewers took to Twitter after discovering Martin was back in Albert Square.

"Oooooh Martin is back," said one intrigued viewer.

Another added: "Martin looked so evil toward Ben, which means trouble is brewing.. Can't wait for next week!"

"Get your ass to the hospital Martin stop randomly gazing at Ben," warned a third.

A fourth said: "Martin is back and looking like he's into dodginess already!"

There were also some tensions between Bex's family and friends as struggled to understand what had happened.

Dot Branning was angry she could not help as she waited downstairs with granddaughter Dotty.

Stunned Louise refused to believe Bex would not tell her if she was suffering, while Lisa was clearly wracked with guilt after spotting signs something was wrong.

With everyone distraught, Dotty did not help matters when she mentioned the pills found in Bex’s room, causing angry Louise to lash out.

Stuart then found the heartbreaking suicide note that Bex had left to her parents and showed it to Sonia.

After reading the note, tearful Sonia refused to share the contents and remained adamant it was an accident.

Later on, the doctors told Sonia that Bex was lucky to escape with any permanent damage.

It was hard to watch as guilt-ridden Sonia told Stuart she blamed herself because she gave Bex up for adoption as a baby.

She said: "It's cause I gave her away when she was born. I thought iI was doing the right thing. I let her down. I'm her mum. I'm supposed to be the one she trusts. The one who makes things better."

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