EastEnders fans struggle to pity toxic Nancy amid Zacks cheating heartbreak

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Nancy Carter has not gone down well in the books of EastEnders viewers after he finally confessing to sleeping with Sam Mitchell.

The young couple came to blows last week with Zack later drinking his sorrows away at the new bar, Peggy's before getting cosy with Phil Mitchell's younger sister.

But as his secret unravelled, Zack had a run in with Shirley Carter's fist, before he attempted to make a mends with Nancy who appeared utterly heartbroken.

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However, viewers on Twitter were in two minds as to whether they should feel sorry for Nancy after she found out the truth.

"I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for Nancy #Eastenders," said one.

A second added: "I hate the way Nancy treats Zack she has toxic behaviour, but no person deserves to be cheated on. #Eastenders."

"I can't work Nancy out – but she's got no sense of humour, she's miserable & takes everything so seriously. #EastEnders," said another.

Before a fourth tweeted: "It's very hard to feel bad for Nancy. She needs to learn how to treat and speak to people #EastEnders."

Explaining his infidelity, Zack said: "I was out of my nut, I don't even fancy her, I love every inch of you, Nanc, everything that's going on at the moment, I found it hard.

"I know that ain't an excuse, you're going through the worst time with your mum. The way you was treating me, I was genuinely trying to support you, but I couldn't do anything right.

"What I did right, was so wrong, it was horrible, I just felt like you were giving up on us.

"What we've got is so good, don't throw it away."

Nancy said: "Is this just going to happen every time I'm going through something, if I'm that hard to support, I'll just save you the trouble.

"Believe it or not Zack, I don't actually need you and I love how you've manage to make this my fault.

"You know what the maddest thing is right, it's not about the cheating, I don't own your body, but you've broken my trust, 'cause I know I've been a nightmare but you could've walked away when you wanted to."

However, viewers were later left utterly speechless when Zack popped the question to Nancy as he pleaded with his girlfriend for forgiveness.

"I love you, Nancy Carter, Nancy Carter, I love you," he exclaimed before adding: "I don't care who hears it, I just want to make you smile again."

After promising not to cheat again, he asked: "Marry me?" as he got down on one knee in the middle of the market.

EastEnders airs weekdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.


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