Emma Roberts Enjoys Filming About Fate Because She Gets to Work With Thomas Mann

The ‘Nancy Drew’ actress finds filming her new romcom ‘so much fun’ since she gets to star alongside the ‘Halloween Kills’ actor that she ‘always wanted to work’ with.

AceShowbizEmma Roberts claims she “always wanted to work” with Thomas Mann. Starring alongside “Halloween Kills” actor Thomas, 30, in new romcom “About Fate” – which tells the story of two strangers who meet on New Year’s Eve and fall in love, the 31-year-old actress explained that she “loved” shooting the project because she “always” wanted to work with Thomas and was reunited with writer Tiffany Paulsen.

“First of all, I loved making that movie. I filmed it with Thomas Mann, who is an actor who I’ve always wanted to work with, in Boston, and it was written by Tiffany Paulsen, who wrote ‘Nancy Drew‘ and ‘Holidate‘. So it was so much fun to get a script and see her name on it, and her and I kind of have a shorthand, and I just love the way she writes characters for me. So it’s a really fun rom-com and I think it’ll make everyone smile,” she said.

“About Fate” was released in cinemas and on streaming on September 9 and, in the meantime, Emma has teamed up with Karah Preiss to produce a Hulu adaptation of Carola Lovering’s bestseller “Tell Me Lies“, which explores the ups and downs of a college romance and while there are “some differences” between the novel and the series, the “Wild Child” star is confident that audiences can enjoy both.

She told ScreenRant, “Karah and I are very hard on book to movie or show adaptations. And this is one that I think we can say we’re very proud of kind of keeping the relationship from the book, you know, into the show. And also, you can enjoy both. Obviously, there are some differences here and there, but I think it’s a really, really great adaptation that we’re proud of.”

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