Emmerdale couple torn apart as Ethan Anderson meets mystery man

Emmerdale: Marcus and Ethan argue

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Emmerdale’s Ethan Anderson (played by Emile John) and Marcus Dean (Darcy Grey) were set to buy a house together but in recent scenes, Ethan ended up staying at his dad’s house after his love betrayed him. Marcus tried to catch Ethan’s boss, Greg (Daniel Betts) out after the lawyer made a pass at him. However, Marcus’ honeytrap plan backfired when Greg realised what he was doing. This caused friction between the pair, and in Tuesday night’s episode, Ethan stormed out.

In a bid to get Greg to retract his complaint, Ethan lodged a deal with the barrister.

He explained they would retract their complaint against him if he did the same.

Despite coming to an agreement, Ethan and Marcus came to blows during the episode.

“After everything that has happened, I thought we could have a bit of me and you time,” Ethan said as he strolled in with a takeaway.

“This is exactly what I mean,” Ethan fumed as Marcus replied: “Come on, mate it’s just a bit of curry sauce.”

Ethan continued: “Oh by sorting out some totally illegal catfish operation? or by assaulting one of my senior partners?

“You should have trusted me, I could have sorted it out. Things didn’t need to get so messy.

“You know what? I can’t operate like this. I don’t need this chaos in my life. I am spending the night at dad’s, all I know is we can’t carry on like this.”

In official spoilers released by ITV, when a dejected Marcus arrives home from a failed date with Ethan, Naomi (Karene Peters) drags him away for a night of their own.

Marcus is appeased when Ethan assures him he does want them to find a place together.

But he’s unaware of a shifty Ethan receiving a message from a mystery man.

Later, Marcus is shocked to see Ethan getting into a stranger’s car.

But who is he and is Ethan cheating on Marcus?

Emmerdale’s executive producer, Jane Hudson recently discussed the couple’s storyline, confirming things weren’t looking good for the pair.

“We’ve got our Anderson family, Charles, Ethan, Naomi and Manpreet who’s with Charles,” Jane began.

“They’ve finally got their own home Charles and Manpreet, which is fantastic.

“And we are going to see Ethan go through quite a journey with Marcus onscreen which is going to result in Ethan being young, free and single, and where will that lead us to?”

The executive producer added: “There is a lot in store for the Andersons this year and there is a lot going to be happening for Charles in particular.

“But I am not going to tell you what that is at the moment, you are gonna have to keep watching as it is happening a bit further on in the year.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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