Emmerdale fans in stitches at Mandy Dingle and Jimmy King's 'horrendous' socially distanced kiss

EMMERDALE fans were left in stitches after Mandy Dingle and Jimmy King’s ‘horrendous’ socially distanced kiss. 

Due to current social distancing rules, actors Nick Miles and Lisa Riley had to sit apart on separate benches while filming an intimate scene.

Jimmy is undergoing a trial this week for the recent truck crash in the village, which caused the wedding barn explosion and death of Mandy’s ex Paul Ashdale.  

Last night saw Mandy approach Jimmy ahead of his appearance in court and give him advice on how to stay calm. 

Mandy revealed to Jimmy that she was going to testify in his favour and read the impassioned speech out to him.

​​Jimmy was overcome with guilt and gratitude and suddenly swooped in for a kiss.

That kiss was pathetic"

But the pair remained suspended in the air, never actually kissing one another.

After the ad break, Jimmy was shown leaping back from Mandy’s face, the socially distanced kissing scene coming to a close.

Viewers were quick to point out the comical effects of the social distancing restrictions in place.

One said: "That kiss with Mandy and Jimmy was pathetic."

Another added: "Oh dear no way he tried to kiss mandy nicola shut up ffs #Emmerdale."

A third chimed in: "Socially distant attempts at kisses are horrendous #emmerdale."

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Emmerdale need to find a better way of doing “kissing” scenes because all the ones I’ve seen recently are laughable

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Jimmy change his focus as he tries to make things work with his wife Nicola again.

When Nicola confides in Laurel that their marriage is still on the rocks, she suggests borrowing one of her dresses to spice things up.

When Jimmy arrives home, he’s shocked to see Nicola dressed to impress, but will her efforts pay off?



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Emmerdale shock as Jimmy King kisses Mandy Dingle

The following day, Nicola returns to find Jimmy dressed up and unveiling a candlelit meal. 

They bond over their past memories but, as Nicola waxes lyrical about his faithfulness, Jimmy is overwhelmed by guilt.

Will he come clean about his kiss with Mandy and, if so, how will Nicola react?

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