Emmerdale fans left baffled by Manpreets blunder amid Alex robbery

Emmerdale fans were left confused on Wednesday night's episode as Manpreet Sharma almost found herself in danger when Alex Moore decided to rob the surgery.

Earlier this week, Alex, who is using Naomi Walters and is faking their romance, was left excited after he overheard Manpreet’s phone call about the surgery’s drug delivery as he quickly made a furtive phone call.

After secretly meeting with real girlfriend Clare, who he pretended to Naomi was a friend, he revealed his plan to rob the doctor's surgery.

And on Wednesday's episode, the doctor's surgery was closed due to the electrics being vandalised and sneaky Alex decided to steal Manpreet’s surgery keys from her bag.

Later and armed with a crowbar, Alex let himself into the surgery to look for the drugs…

However, in true soap style, Manpreet then arrived at the surgery and was left puzzled to find the front door open.

Manpreet then headed to her office, unaware that Alex was inside waiting with a crowbar raised, realising something was off she asked if there was an intruder.

The doctor then tentatively pulled back a curtain in the room, where Alex was waiting, but stopped just before it revealed him as she ran out.

Alex then met her outside, pretending to be concerned, as he supported a shaken Manpreet, who contemplated calling the police, and even "found" her missing keys.

However, fans were left confused during the scenes as they questioned why Manpreet didn't pull back the curtain, how she didn't see a shadow behind it and why she didn't call the police instantly.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "So Manpreet didn’t think to call the police?? #Emmerdale."

A different account put: "Electrics vandalised, keys missing and door left open, how many more clues does she need #Emmerdale…"

Another follower wrote: "Would she not of been able to see Alex’s shadow ? #Emmerdale."

While a different viewer added: "He's not even wearing gloves and his fingerprints are already on record. Jeez. #emmerdale."

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