Emmerdale fans work out Leyla Hardings alibi amid Caleb whodunnit twist

Emmerdale viewers have predicted a potential alibi for upcoming suspect Leyla Harding amid a Caleb Milligan whodunnit twist.

On Thursday night, Caleb is set to be shoved off the side of a ravine by a mystery person with his body left lifeless…

Only recently, the village has been left reeling following the revelation of Caleb's scheming.

Earlier this week, Caleb tried to apologise to Leyla, who he had an on-off romance with, and she rejected him.

The next day, Caleb invited Leyla to lunch in the pub and just as she was about to forgive him, a new bombshell was soon dropped.

A bust up took place between Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd, where it was soon revealed that Charity had slept with Caleb.

On Thursday's episode, David Metcalfe does his utmost to prevent ex Leyla from relapsing, promising there will be an opportunity for them to watch Caleb’s comeuppance from the side lines.

Later that night, Caleb is shoved off the side of a ravine by a mystery person with his body left lifeless at the bottom of the ridge – but who is behind the deadly shove and will Caleb survive?

With David and Leyla just two of many suspects who could be out for revenge on Caleb, fans think they have predicted an alibi for the two.

Due to the two character's past romantic history, viewers think they could end up rekindling their romance and sleeping together – therefore providing an alibi.

Taking to social media, one person shared their future theory: "Layla and David were in bed together when Caleb got pushed?"

To which a different account put: "I really hope Leyla and David get back together."

It comes as Emmerdale's Caleb star Will Ash has admitted he is "excited" about his character potentially being "killed off" amid the huge whodunnit twist.

Talking about the upcoming storyline with press recently, Caleb star Will said: "I found out about it I think just before we were doing the whole thing when he's trying to take over from Home Farm, so I knew it was going to be from the fallout of that.

"I knew there'd be quite a few people it could be but I was excited about it because it's always nice to throw that out there that there's potential for this character who's just come in to be killed off.

"It's good and the conflict which can rise from that and the potential who it could be, I was excited by it."


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