Emmerdale Maya Stepney actress Louisa Clein quits after harrowing paedo teacher storyline

IT’S the storyline that has gripped and disturbed Emmerdale viewers in equal measure.

For months, audiences have watched in horror as pupil Jacob Gallagher WAS groomed and abused by predatory teacher Maya Stepney.

And they were delighted when she got her just desserts this week.

Now I can reveal Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, is leaving the Dales for good — and was given a proper send-off by the rest of the cast last week.

An insider said: “Louisa’s had fans glued to their seats with her brilliant performance.

They’ve been wondering what the future might hold for Maya and savouring the potential for her to continue to feature.

“But it seems they’ll be disappointed. Her arrest for grooming Jacob spelled the end of a chapter on the soap — for Louisa and Maya.”

Millions watched Maya’s arrest on Tuesday as she was finally rumbled in a dramatic showdown with Jacob’s dad, her ex-boyfriend David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

David cornered her as she waited to meet his son and accused Maya of being a paedophile, though she claimed her and Jacob were in love. Maya warned David that she would be reunited with Jacob once she came out of prison — and would take him away from his father for ever.

David stood his ground and watched police slap the cuffs on her just as Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) made an appearance.

But with Jacob taking Maya’s side, will justice be done?

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