Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle and Paddy Kirk in fiery row as they get lost in the woods

EMMERDALE’s Marlon Dingle and Paddy Kirk clash as they get lost in the woods during the village’s survival event next week.

Disaster will strike during the ITV show’s Super Soap Week – which will feature at least one death and four massive stunts – as evil Meena Jutla seeks revenge against Victoria for stealing her boyfriend David. 

The week begins with a flashforward to Meena lying motionless in the middle of the soap’s custom-made maize maze.

Back in the present day, the survival challenge begins and the contestant’s jump into their rafts and set off down the river.

However, disaster soon strikes as serial killer Meena spots an opportunity to exact her revenge against Victoria.

Viewers will later see Meena holding Victoria’s lifeless body under the water, but is everything as is seems?

Later, Meena panics when Manpreet picks up the harness belonging to Victoria that she damaged earlier. 

Will Manpreet also get caught up in Meena’s revenge?

Meanwhile, away from the action, ongoing tension over the Woolpack pub boils to a head between Paddy and Marlon as they wander off into the woods.

The big question is: will they make it back in one piece?

Talking about the Super Soap Week, producer Kate Brooks told The Sun: “It’s an adrenaline rush from the very start as twists and stunts come thick and fast and you can’t catch your breath. 

“The glorious stunning landscapes are utilised and very focal, the brilliant [director] Duncan Foster is brilliant to bring the scripts to life. 

“The week will catapult viewers to the heart of this beautiful but very dangerous environment. 

“There are jaw dropping stunts, rapids and waterfall sequences as we subvert expectations. 

“The denouement is the massive maze. We love stunts but it’s not just about the ambitious and impressive stunts – at the heart of the week lie relationships, secrets, hearts broken and with Meena involved and hellbent on revenge on Victoria, not everyone will get out alive.”

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