Emmerdale star Danny Miller steps in to save man from suicide

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has stepped in to help save the life of a man suffering PTSD, who was preparing to jump from a bridge.

The young man was suicidal when the actor, who plays Aaron Dingle in the soap, approached him and talked him down, sharing his own experiences of his mental health.

It is believed that Danny shared his number with the man, who told him that he had saved his life.

He was since taken to hospital as emergency services arrived.

A source from the scene told Metro.co.uk said: ‘The man was in serious distress and Danny went over and chatted to him. As they talked about their experience there was a clear bond.

‘The young man eventually stepped back and they shared a hug. They exchanged numbers and Danny told him to contact him whenever he needed him’

The incident happened on the motorway in Audenshaw Manchester, with the distressed young man being former army.

Police and ambulance crew on the site are believed to have told the Emmerdale actor that he may have saved the man’s life after physically pulling him from the edge and then sharing his own experiences.

Metro.co.uk reached out to Danny but he didn’t feel it appropriate to add any comment.

Danny previously spoke about his own mental health during lockdown, crediting his girlfriend for keeping his head above the water.

In Emmerdale, Danny’s character Aaron has also been faced with mental health issues including self harm and self loathing after hiding his gay indentity.

Our source added that Danny plans to continue texting the man and told him ‘he didn’t need to do this.’

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