Emmerdale’s Chloe accuses Mack of wanting their baby dead amid ongoing health battle

Emmerdale viewers were left reeling during Friday’s episode, when new mum Chloe Harris accused the father of her child Mackenzie Boyd of wanting their newborn son Reuben to die.

As regular fans will know, this week the new mum was rocked by every parent’s worst nightmare as her two week old son was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

Placed on a ventilator to help him breathe, Reuben was left fighting for his life in intensive care as medics worked around the clock to stabilise his condition.

Concerned for his wellbeing, Mack even arrived at the hospital to check in on his secret child, as he was genuinely worried for how the little boy was doing.

Yet in her grief and rage at the situation, Chloe accused Mack of wanting their little one dead and denied him access to their poorly child.

Mackenzie infamously slept with Chloe last year after an argument with his now-wife Charity Dingle, but has so far managed to keep the secret of Reuben’s parentage a secret for the last nine months.

The new dad even managed to keep it from Charity when Chloe gave birth on their wedding day, but fans now predict things could soon unravel in the coming days.

To make matters even worse, many fans are speculating that once the secret comes out, a further plot twist could even potentially reveal that Mack isn’t baby Reuben’s father at all!

Taking to social media to share their theories, one Emmerdale fan wrote: "Still don't believe he's the dad. Mack actually makes Charity more human.

"So obvious that the baby is going to turn out not to be his. Baby will probably be ill and on checking blood type, they will find he isn't the father. I suspect Nate," another echoed.

"Agreed, no way in hell that baby is Mack's," someone else shared.

Not everyone was so convinced however, with a handful of fans questioning what the alternative was, if it turned out Mack was far from Chloe’s baby daddy.

“If Mack isn’t the father, then who is? We know for sure it’s not Noah!” Quipped one fan.

A second agreed: “So how many people was Chloe sleeping with then? Mack seems most likely candidate to be Reuben’s dad.”

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV and ITVX


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