Emmerdale’s Lydia and Sam Dingle split sealed after Craig Reed death twist

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    Emmerdale fans have been gripped to their screens over the past few weeks after Lydia Dingle was raped by her evil ex, Craig Reed.

    But the fan-favourite soon got justice as Craig was found dead in a field on Home Farm just weeks later. Following the news of his death, the auburn beauty united the Dingle Court to find out who killed him.

    Last week, each resident opened up about some of their dark secrets which unfolded in the 24-hours leading up to his death. In a series of flashbacks, Cain and Sam kidnapped Craig in an abandoned warehouse where they beat him black and blue before they let him go.

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    Sam soon became wracked with guilt, convinced that he had delivered the fatal blow that killed off the horrific criminal. But at the end of the week it was revealed that it was actually Kim Tate’s horse, Ice, who killed Craig after he approached her begging for help.

    When Kim refused, Craig reached out and spooked the horse who hit him in the head before she left him for dead. Cain soon stumbled across what had happened and the pair attempted to cover up the murder.

    Unfortunately, police were convinced that the scorned husband had committed the crime, with Sam later confessing to beating him up before his death while Lydia was nowhere to be seen. Now, Daily Star has put one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent ‘creative’ tools Bard AI through its paces to work out if their marriage will survive the fallout of Craig’s death.

    When asked if the pair could break up after Craig’s murder, the intelligent program explained: “It is possible that Lydia and Sam could break up after Craig Reed’s death.

    "Rape is a deeply traumatic experience, and it can be very difficult for a couple to move on from it. Lydia may feel that she needs to focus on healing and rebuilding her life, and she may not be able to do that while she is still married to Sam.

    “On the other hand, it is also possible that Lydia and Sam will be able to weather this storm together. They have been through a lot together in the past, and they have a strong love for each other.

    “Sam may be able to provide Lydia with the support and understanding that she needs to heal, and they may be able to emerge from this experience even stronger as a couple.” Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the loveable couple will work things through the devastating incident.

    It comes after Kim Tate fled the village just as the police started to catch a whiff of suspicion surrounding Sam’s involvement in Craig’s death. On Friday (November 3), the beloved matriarch fled the village to the sun-soaked sands of Dubai, with her exit confirmed by her partner Will Taylor.

    But she wasn’t the only villager noticeably absent during the episode after Lydia stormed out of the house after struggling to deal with the truth about Craig’s demise. As viewers watched Sam be dragged to the police car in handcuffs, fans flooded to social media to share their disappointment in Lydia and Kim online.

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    One user penned: “#Emmerdale Disappointed in Lydia for being a flake on Sam. Sam has always supported Lydia yet when he needed her the most, she abandoned him.”

    Another agreed: “It’s a shame Lydia didn’t support Sam a bit more like he did for her #Emmerdale.” A third echoed: “Where the hell as Kim gone? #Emmerdale” as a fourth pointed out: “Kim didn’t stick around for long, did she? #Emmerdale.”

    Emmerdale airs on weekdays on ITV1 from 7.30pm.

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