Ethan vows to stop vile Greg after he makes a pass at Marcus in Emmerdale

After his creepy behaviour when he came for lunch in a recent Emmerdale episode, Marcus (Darcy Grey) was hoping to avoid Ethan (Emile John)’s boss Greg (Daniel Betts), so he wasn’t happy to hear that Ethan had once more invited Greg over to the house.

Marcus at first made an excuse, but later following a conversation with Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) he decided that he owed it to Ethan to help his career as much as possible by being welcoming to Greg. He tried to put his worries about Greg’s behaviour down to his imagination.

As soon as he got back to the house, though, Greg wasted no time in making sure he was alone with Marcus and then made a pass at him by going to touch his leg. Marcus pushed him away but Greg very soon made it clear that Marcus’s instincts about him had been right, when he made a move on him and touched his face. Marcus grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him forcefully away.

When Ethan came in and saw this, Greg tried to tell him that Marcus had groped him.

For a moment Marcus wasn’t sure whether Ethan would believe him, but he did and threw Greg out, branding him ‘a disgrace.’

Greg then made a thinly-veiled threat to Ethan’s career, telling him that he was trusted by the other partners in the firm. ‘We’ll see how long that lasts,’ Ethan told him.

Marcus told his boyfriend what had happened on Greg’s previous visit but that he thought no one would believe him – ‘the son of a rapist’ – over a respectable lawyer. Ethan assured him that he was not his dad and that he trusted him.

Ethan and Marcus have a solid bond – as they proved by buying each other exactly the same Christmas tree bauble from the extensive collection at David (Matthew Wolfenden)’s shop. And Ethan said he was going to report Greg’s behaviour to the partners at work. Marcus knew what this could mean for Ethan’s career.

‘It means nothing,’ Ethan said. ‘Nothing compared to this.’

But with Ethan now determined to see Greg punished for what he’s done, and with Greg obviously a devious and manipulative person, there could be some tough times ahead for the couple.

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