Family Guy bosses finally solve plot hole about Stewie's first word after he drops F-bomb in church

FAMILY GUY bosses have finally solved the plot hole about Stewie’s first word after he drops the F-bomb in church. 

The Fox show returned for season 19 last week with an episode that tackled one very contentious subject – how many people can understand potty-mouthed evil child Stewie Griffin?

Titled 'Stewie's First Word', the episode covers Stewie’s milestone moment as he says his first word –  dropping an F-bomb. In church.

Stewie’s mum Lois becomes obsessed with where he learned the word, unaware that her child has said much, MUCH, worse over the course of the 19 seasons. 

While Stewie has been chatting to Brian for years, his other family members haven’t been able to understand him and now the comedy's executive producers Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin have addressed this query. 

Speaking to TV Line, the pair said: “This episode showcases Stewie's first word in the traditional sense that parents always document: the first word they understand. 

“Otherwise, yes, it's Stewie's 1,345,693th word.

“Like most of the big babies who write for Family Guy, Stewie is in denial about how much his mommy means to him. Please don't tell our mommies.”

Fans of the long-running animated series will be relieved to hear that Fox has renewed the show for a 20th run, as well as a renewal for other fan-favourite Bob's Burgers.

Family Guy airs on Fox in the US, and ITV2 in the UK.

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