‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Is About “Redemption” – ATX

The cast and creatives from AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead were on hand at the ATX Television Festival for an advanced screening of tonight’s episode followed by a Q&A session with executive producers and writers Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, who were accompanied by cast members Maggie Grace, Rubén Blades, Karen David, Alexa Nisenson, and Lennie James.

“Thematically, it’s a season about redemption, Goldberg described during. “These are all characters who have been brought together and there are things they have to make up for from the past. They’re choosing benevolence and going out in the world and helping people.”

The episode saw the return of Blades’ Daniel Salazar character, who was last seen in the finale of the third season taking a bullet to the face. He’s survived and has a whole different outlook. “The most important thing for him, I believe, was to determine why he wanted to stay alive. He lost his wife and he lost his daughter,” said Blades. “I think the character ended up understanding that there must be some purpose for him being spared.”

“It’s an interesting conclusion because he leads to the conclusion of helping other people… now the question is how does he integrate to the new group.”

The season opener teased the possibility of an update to what happened with original TWD series protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). It featured a walker who, when he was alive, was part of the same group that captured protagonist Rick. In addition, the helicopter in the episode was donned with the same symbol on the helicopter that whisked Rick away.

It remains unclear where that plot could lead, however, Goldberg teased, “I think it’ll be very disappointing if we didn’t follow up.”

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