Gregg Wallace breaks silence after quitting BBC show after claims he was rude

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    Gregg Wallace has broken his silence after claims he “offended colleagues” and “quit Inside The Factory”.

    The presenter quit the series after seven seasons and Wallace has said he left the show to take care of his son, who has autism.

    Reports have alleged that Gregg stepped away from the role because he was “rude” to colleagues and even made comments toward female staff about their weight.

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    A source spoke to The Times about the Masterchef presenter’s decision to quit Inside The Factory.

    They said: “He was rude towards staff and continued to talk in a derogatory manner, especially to women.”

    However, Gregg spoke out against the claims and set the record straight about his move.

    He addressed the claims to The Times and explained: “I’ve enjoyed doing [Inside The Factory] for a number of years and I’ve done hundreds of factories. I use humour to relax people.”

    “It’s a tool I’ve used for lots of years. I never, ever set out to upset or offend anybody and I never would. It makes me upset that I might have upset people.”

    He also touched upon the fact that times have changed and urged people to “be more careful,” but accepted the fact that standards “should” shift.

    Gregg said: “Things change, they evolve. So they should. We should be more careful. All I would say is, perhaps we need to draw a line between people that are bullies or nasty people and people that have made a mistake. Perhaps.”

    Wallace then re-confirmed that his priority is taking care of his son.

    The Masterchef presenter shares him with his 37-year-old wife Anne-Marie Sterpini.

    Gregg’s statement comes after his Masterchef co-host John Torode addressed claims that the two of them were in a feud.

    Rumours began to fly about the presenting pair and some have claimed they are “not pals,” but Torode squashed the allegations.

    The Aussie star appeared on the Desert Island Dishes podcast and said that they are “work colleagues” who have “always stayed work colleagues,” but there has not been a feud between them.

    John also said that they “don’t go to the pub together” and “don’t go to each other’s houses”.

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