Here's Everything You Forgot Happened in 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 3

The new season of Handmaid’s Tale is dropping April 28, and before you can dive into an all-night marathon of the new episodes, you’re gonna want to give yourself a little refresher on what happened in season 3. If you can’t really remember what went down last season, don’t worry, ’cause same. There was so much plot that it’s honestly hard to keep track of. Like, did June end up escaping? And how many kids did she get out of Gilead again? To answer all these questions and more, here are all the major moments from last season that you need to know before jumping into season 4.

June went to a new household.

June got put in the Lawrence household and you could say things were a bit different than they were at the Waterfords. Commander Lawrence refused to perform the ceremony, and really only wanted to take care of his wife. He also helped June out by pretending not to notice the very obvious Mayday operations that were going on in his house.

June tried to see Hannah, and it had deadly consequences.

After June visited Hannah at her home, she tried to see her again at her school. This ended up getting Hannah’s Martha hung, and Hannah’s adoptive family moved away to an unknown location. Good job, June.

She also spent a loooong time having to pray over Ofmatthew.

After June convinced everyone to bully the then-pregnant Ofmatthew (because she had snitched on June for trying to visit Hannah) Ofmatthew snapped and grabbed a Guardian’s gun, which got her shot. June was then forced to kneel and pray in the comatose Ofmatthew’s hospital room until the baby was born. Are you sensing a June theme here?

Fred forced Commander Lawrence to do the ceremony.

The sick and twisted Fred Waterford showed up to the Lawrence’s house with Commander Winslow and forced June, Commander Lawrence, and his wife Eleanor to perform the ceremony. This set off a chain of events. Not too long after that ceremony, Eleanor intentionally overdosed, and Commander Lawrence agreed to help June with her plan to get kids out of Gilead by providing a transport truck.

June killed Commander Winslow.

June got Lawrence to take her to Jezebels so that she could speak to the bartender there to arrange the plane that would rescue the children. When Commander Winslow saw her there, he bought her up to his room and tried to rape her. But June, being the “I’m down to fight” woman she is, fought back and killed him. Luckily the other women at Jezebels got June out safely and cleaned up the body.

The Waterfords campaigned to get Nichole back.

After June got Nichole out of Gilead at the end of season 2 (with Serena’s help, I might add!) the Waterfords decided to start an international campaign to get Nichole back, saying she was kidnapped. June ended up being forced to arrange a visit between Serena, Nichole, and Luke in Canada. And while Serena was up there in Toronto, Mark Tuello slipped her a satellite phone and offered her the option to defect. In exchange for a new Canadian life where she gets to see Nichole, Serena tricked Fred into driving into Canada where he got arrested.

An angry Fred then got Serena arrested.

Fred was super pissed after Serena screwed him over and got him arrested in Canada, so he decided to tell Tuello about Serena forcing June and Nick to have sex to get June pregnant, and then Serena got arrested, too. This whole thing is just… very messy.

June got 86 kids out of Gilead.

Possibly the biggest moment of the season was in the last episode when June, with the help of other handmaids and marthas, successfully got a plane full of 86 children out of Gilead and into Canada. When the plane landed in Toronto, Rita got off and mets Luke for the first time, telling him it was June who organized the whole thing.

… But then June got shot.

Also in the last episode of the season, June, while creating a distraction to get the guards away from the plane that was taking off with dozens of Gilead’s children, ended up getting shot. She got carried off by a group of handmaids, but what state she’s in now remains to be seen.

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