Heres the cast of Silo on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ may be known for its heartwarming comedies like Ted Lasso – but it’s going darker than ever before with new series, Silo.

Based on the book by Hugh Howey, Silo sees a group of survivors living underground in a “ruined and toxic future”.

To keep safe, they must stay within the silo and never attempt to exit – but those who do are forced outside to “clean”, where they’re sure to die just minutes after being released.

But are their stringent new rules protecting them as much as they think they are?

Ahead of the series launch, here’s everything you need to know about the cast bringing this nail-biting drama to life.

Who stars in Silo on Apple TV+?

Jules – Rebecca Ferguson

Engineer Jules is recruited as the new sheriff of the silo, but when she begins to investigate why the former sheriff and his wife volunteered to go outside, she finds herself in dangerous position.

Actress Rebecca Ferguson is best recognised for starring in Dune, The Greatest Showman and Mission Impossible.

She is going to be reprising her role in both the sequel to Dune and the two Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning movies.

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Bernard – Tim Robbins

Bernard is the power-hungry head of IT in Silo, who is played by actor Tim Robbins.

He shot to fame when he starred as Andy Dufresne in the 1994 classic movie The Shawshank Redemption.

Robbins went on to feature in other major films such as High Fidelity, War of the Worlds and Mystic River.

The actor, who is married to actress Susan Sarandon, has also done TV work, including The Spoils of Babylon and Castle Rock.

Sheriff Holston – David Oyelowo

Sheriff Holston is desperate to find out the truth after his wife volunteered to “clean” the outside world – which led to her death.

Actor David Oyelowo’s career famously started off in the BBC spy series Spooks and has since been in the TV series of Les Miserables, Small Island, The Girl Before and portrayed Martin Luther King in the 2014 film Selma.

Martha – Dame Harriet Walter

Martha is Jules’ friend who is highly skilled when it comes to repairing things and is very much valued in this society.

Actress Dame Harriet Walter has been in Succession, Killing Eve, Rocketman and Belgravia, just to name some of her work.

Silo also stars comedian and actress Rashida Jones as a character called Alison.

She has previously been in the sitcom Parks and Recreation and The Social Network.

The Walking Dead’s Avi Nash and rapper Common also have their roles to play.

Silo premieres on Friday, May 5, on Apple TV+.

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