Hollyoaks fans spot huge plothole as Mandy is drugged and paid off – but Toby and Celeste have NEVER mentioned it again – The Sun

HOLLYOAKS fans spot plothole as Mandy is drugged and paid off – but Toby and Celeste never mention it again.

At the end of 2019, Juliet spiked Mandy's drink with ketamine, which saw her briefly go missing through the village.

It turned out that she walked in on Toby and Celeste arguing about about something mysterious but important.

Despite being out of her mind, she was paid off by the pair to keep silent and she was left with the note "You saw nothing last night".

This means Mandy walked in on some important bit of information.

The problem is – as pointed out by Hollyoaks fans – this hasn't been brought up since.

Speaking on the DigitalSpy soap forums, one user wrote: "in the new year, mandy ended up drunk in their flat and she seen something… and then they paid her off…

"we still haven't found out what happened, and it was 5 months ago… so what was suppose to be going on there? or shall I just add it to the endless streams of forgotten stories that hollyoaks never finish…"

Others have suggested it was Mandy finding out they were not a couple but brother and sister – a revelation viewers witnessed earlier this year.

Another added: "I’m going to take a wild guess and say it likely won’t be mentioned again. At the end of last year Sarah Jane Dunn had to take some time off to look after her son, and filming had to be altered to accommodate this."

The storyline has escalated since then as viewers found out Celeste and Toby were triplets with Mitchell.

Walter and Felix sold the two siblings to an evil doctor and are now hell bent on revenge.

Toby beat up Felix, leaving him in hospital, and now Mitchell has been blamed for the attack.

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