Home and Away spoilers: Lyrik tension, failed rescue mission and package arrives

Home and Away's Cash refuses to give up on Andrew and brings home his confidential file from the station.

Knowing Cash has been taken off the case, Felicity and Eden question his decisions, noting he could lose his job if he's caught with the files.

Later, Cash tells Justin they need to back off and let the task force do its job, or they might end up like Andrew’s mother.

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He warns a furious Justin that if he puts a foot out of line, he’ll end up in prison.

But Justin’s complete surprise, Cash has a change of heart and he arrives in full uniform ready for a rescue mission.

As they arrive at the compound, the Vita Nova members surround Cash.

Not letting them near Andrew, Cash a deflated and defeated Cash and Justin are released while the teenager is dragged back by the compound henchmen.

The following day, Leah arrives home early and wonders how Justin could just give up on Andrew as he suggests they leave things to the cops.

Leah apologises for her outburst, and while she and Justin make amends, they remain worried sick about Andrew.

When they stumble across a small note Andrew must have planted in Justin’s pocket, they are resigned back to a rescue mission.

Elsewhere, Eden is furious at Mercedes' arrival in the Bay, despite Remi's assurance she is their secret weapon to winning Battle of the Bands.

The band sound great during a Lyrik rehearsal session, but rising tensions soon explode into arguments.

Eden shows Mercedes the door, while Theo and Kirby face off to see if it’s possible to separate their personal life from their professional.

Begging Mercedes to give the band another shot, Remi arranges for her to stay with Felicity.

When Felicity arrives home and introduces Eden to her new temporary housemate, she is livid.

Questioning Remi's past with Mercedes, Bree quizzes him but he insists she has nothing to worry about.

Despite the ongoing band feuds, Remi remains convinced they can win the competition if everyone puts their differences aside.

Meanwhile, Marilyn’s stand against Stunning Organics reaches new levels of fame when her interview is published in a national newspaper.

As Irene remains worried for Marilyn’s safety, her phone buzzes once again with a threatening message.

Marilyn scrolls through her phone sharing the threatening photographs she has received.

After she heads to the police station, Cash sets up precautions to help keep Marilyn safe and tries to trace the source, but it’s a dead end.

Marilyn is instructed by the police to conduct no more interviews regarding Stunning Organics, but she struggles with staying silent.

Later, she enlists the help of Kirby to record a video exposing the CEO as a bully and a coward, and they proudly post the call to arms online.

Soon after, a curious package arrives from Stunning Organics addressed to Marilyn.

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