Horror crash storyline revealed for killer Stephen in Coronation Street

Coronation Street killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) finds himself heading for hospital in upcoming episodes after he loses control of his moped.

Yes, you read that right. Stephen Reid on a moped. The former fashion magnate has found himself in reduced circumstances recently and when a job interview goes disastrously wrong he’s forced to take the only work available – as a fast food delivery driver.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with working as a delivery driver, but for Stephen it doesn’t at all fit with his self-image as a wheeling, dealing tycoon and international businessman.

When he’s taunted on his first day on the job by the man he previously had an interview with, he tells the company they can stick their job. But the truth is, he needs the money and he’s soon asking to come back.

It’s not long before disaster strikes and he’s mugged by a gang of teenagers who take his work phone and his cash, as well as his food box.

Already flustered, Stephen is alarmed to see Elaine (Paula Wilcox) walking towards him and attempts to make a speedy getaway on his delivery moped – but loses control and goes flying across the road.

Will he be badly hurt? Could it even be the end for him?

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