I was on the Deal or No Deal reboot – tactics are useless and the banker has a trick to mess with your head | The Sun

A JOURNALIST who got a shot at the Deal or No Deal reboot has opened up about their experience playing the game, revealing that tactics are useless when you're in the hot seat.

The new series, which premiered on ITV last night, is hosted by Stephen Mulhern instead of Noel Edmonds.

The prize fund has also been reduced to £100k, with TV bosses citing the rising cost of living as the reason behind the cut.

Emma Bowman from the US Times Post headed to the ITV studio to try the new version of the game, and discovered that the infamous banker has a trick to mess with contestants' heads.

After opening the boxes she got lucky by knocking out some of the smallest prizes, but also lost the chance to win £25,000 or £50,000.

She shared the stress you feel when faced with so much decision making, saying: "When you are asked to make a choice and everyone is waiting for you to make a choice, every tactic you use will be doomed to failure.

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"The increasing intensity of the studio lighting uncomfortably coincides with the increase in your powerlessness – and let’s not forget that I’m not even playing for real money.

"If you have any doubts about the show being a game of chance, they will be eliminated immediately after the game begins."

The banker's response was to offer Emma £4,400 to leave the game – but not before pointing out that the one penny prize was still a possibility.

Players are faced with the tough choice to either take a deal from the banker or risk opening more boxes, but the ruthless voice on the phone is quick to point out how big of a risk they are taking.

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The journo added: "It’s a strange feeling knowing that this anonymous person is watching these games from somewhere in the building.

"In fact, Mulhern – who had the choice of meeting the banker but chose not to – says there is a rumor that the faceless figure makes a shady visit to the hotel bar where the contestants meet after the taping is complete. His hope, Mulhern is told, is to find something to hold against them during the game."

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