ITV Big Brothers Chanelle defends Jordan as she wades in on Henry kiss row

Things are heating up in Big Brother after Jordan and Henry shared a steamy kiss in the hot tub, but the surprising scene raised concerns for some viewers and a former contestant has defended their intimate moment.

During Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, fans watched as Jordan leaned in for an unexpected kiss with Henry as they were relaxing in the hot tub. While some thought it was a sweet moment between the pair, others were left concerned that Jordan was using it in a bid to secure a spot in the upcoming final on Friday, 17 November, despite Henry appearing to have genuine feelings for him. 

Their romantic encounter continued into the bedroom and took place just a few days after the Big Brother double elimination which saw Trish and Chanelle evicted on Friday, 10 November.

Speaking out about the controversial kiss in the house, newly evicted Chanelle spoke exclusively to OK! and said Jordan is not an "unkind person".

The 29 year old, who was good friends with Jordan, said: "I think Jordan is a great guy and I would like to think that he wouldn't play off someone else's emotions. If he was playing off someone else's emotions, that is unkind but I don't think he's an unkind person.

"I would hope to think that it's not just for the cameras and for the final because I think from Henry's side there are genuine feelings there, so I hope he's not playing it up".

Chanelle continued: "I do think Henry has feelings for Jordan, so I just hope it's not just playful fun just for the sake of it because people will get hurt and get upset.

"I don't think anyone intentionally would go out of their way to do that.

"Knowing the person that he [Jordan] is, that is not the case."

Before their raunchy encounter in the hot tub, Jordan asked Henry: "Is it bad that I kiss you? I kissed you, past tense. Do you think it’s bad?"

"No. Do you think it’s bad?" Henry replied. Jordan then said "Henry stop!" before leaning in for the steamy kiss.

They shared another kiss in the bedroom, but their attempts to keep it a secret didn't go unnoticed by their housemates. During a conversation the next morning, Jordan played coy about the previous night.

Jenkin, who was one of the housemates who saw the kiss, asked: "So did everyone have a good night? Did everyone have a smooch?"

Jordan joked: "It’s because, you know, we were a bit emotional… whatever happened I don’t remember."

However, suspicions about his true intentions arose when he expressed doubts about finding love in the Big Brother house, hinting at potential strategic gameplay. Jenkin told him: "There’s no harm in finding love in the Big Brother house guys," to which Jordan replied: "Hmmmm, well I’ve yet to find it."

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