ITV Emmerdale Nicky heartbreak sealed as fans predict steamy new romance

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    Emmerdale fans seem to think a new love triangle could be on the cards as they predict Ethan and Suni will fall for each other.

    Suni has been having a rather turbulent time as of late after he was brutally attacked for his sexuality while on a night with his boyfriend, Nicky. Seeing the calamity that the two men were in, Ethan – who was also enjoying a night out on the town – went over to help but was later jailed for his involvement.

    But due to Ethan's heroic actions and the fact that Nicky and Suni haven't been seeing eye to eye, viewers at home seem to think that Suni and Ethan could soon begin a relationship. It could leave Nicky heartbroken if their supposed romance begins during their relationship.

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    Heading over to X formerly known as Twitter, fans shared their thoughts. One viewer said: "I think Ethan and Suni could happen at some point." Another fan agreed: "BINGO. Me too."

    A third mentioned another character's recent affair and echoed: "Tracy is boringly predictable and anyone else see Suni and Ethan on the horizon."

    A fourth penned: "After what seems like forever they’re starting to make Ethan’s character a tad interesting. I wonder if he and Suni will get together." And another said: "I have a feeling that there's going to be a love triangle, involving Suni, Ethan and Nicky."

    Earlier this week, Suni sang Ethan's praises after he helped to save his life. He said: "If it wasn't for Ethan… he put himself in danger, so instead of picking on him, what are you going to do about the thugs who put me in here?"

    But although Suni has been impressed with Ethan and his act of heroism, Ethan's workplace hasn't been too happy as they decided to let him go. On Monday night's show, Ethan was sacked from his role at the solicitor's firm.

    On Wednesday night's show (December 6), Ethan decided that he wanted to stop practicing altogether. But fans home felt there was still a future for him.

    One viewer wrote on social media: "Ethan should set up his own firm for such a small village there’s a lot of crime." Another penned: "Ethan has the right to choose what he wants to do."

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