ITV Im A Celeb fans spot new feud as contestant blasts camp chaos

Fred Sireix has branded the camp "chaos" after being demoted from chef to cleaner.

On Friday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity, Nella Rose was named as the new camp leader after Sam Thompson was forced to step down over rule breaking.

Nella was elected by her camp mates after Nick and Marvin got two votes each, Danielle, Nigel and Josie got one vote each and Nella got three making her the new camp leader.

As her first decree, the YouTuber was tasked with assigning camp duties and she wasted no time in shaking things up.

Nella decided to demote Fred Sirirex and Nigel Farage to washing up duties and instead made Josie Gibson and Tony Bellew the cooks.

Returning to camp to announce the news, Nella said: “Do not look so afraid, I’ve come to restore justice.”

Nella has had heated moments with Fred in their short time in the jungle. They clashed most recently when Fred complained about the cleanliness of the dishes.

When announcing the roles, Nella said: “Josie has wanted to cook for two weeks but she’s been too scared to say anything. Josie, you’re camp chef. Tony you’re going to help with the fire.”

She added: “Washing up duty, we have Fred and Farage. You guys like to pick up things that people have cleaned, throw them on the muddy floor and tell them to wash it again. So now, unfortunately, roles reversed.”

Fred fired back: “At least the place will be clean now.”

The TV chef and First Dates star looked clearly unimpressed with the announcement and later complained about the cooking.

In the bush telegraph he said he was worried about the cooking skills of the new chef and branded it "chaos."

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, I'm A Celebrity fans weighed in on Nella not picking Fred to be camp chef.

One user said: "Nella being voted to be the camp leader is hilarious, the way Josie and Nella were laughing was too funny. Fred was fuming to be selected as dishwasher."

Another added: "This is where things become evident… Why would you NOT put Fred as the camp chef?"

A third commented: "Nella just cut off her nose to spite her face good luck eating that food I would be fuming if Fred wasn’t chef after going hungry all u want is a nice meal good luck with your food for the next few days campers."

While someone else said: "Fred was STRESSINGGGG." And another posted: "Naaaaaah Fred is fuming."

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