ITV Im A Celebs Sam Thompson has close encounter with deadly snake as rangers rush in

I'm A Celebrity campmate Sam Thompson narrowly avoided being bitten by a critter which can kill – after a Small-eyed snake was dramatically removed from camp, just yards from his bed.

Made In Chelsea star Sam, 31, and the rest of camp were asleep when the dangerous snake slithered in to join the celebs. And because they're so highly venomous, it needed to be taken out immediately, so one of the camp rangers rushed in to help.

A show source said: "On Saturday night the camp had a very unwelcome visitor and the snake needed to be removed quickly and safely. The Small-eyed snake slithered in and was seen venturing near to Sam."

"Luckily the rangers spotted it and were quick to act and swiftly removed the snake, without even waking Sam or the other celebrities."

The source added: "Before going in the celebrities receive talks from the rangers and a medic and are made aware of the types of animals to look out for in the jungle.

"But of course it goes without saying they are under constant watch by the experienced rangers who know exactly when they need to jump to action. On this occasion there was no way the snake would be left in there and danger was quickly averted for Sam and the rest of the celebs."

The Small-eyed snake has the latin name cryptophis nigrescens and is described as "highly venomous" and will bite readily and "thrash about if handled".

Any bites from this species should be treated immediately and attended to with correct first aid. The snakes are glossy dark grey to black with cream or pink belly and 50 to 90cm long. Bites from this species have caused at least one human fatality in the past.

According to the Australian Museum the venom contains a long-acting myotoxin that continues to attack muscle tissue (including heart muscle) for days after envenomation. They say a bite from this snake "should always be treated as serious and medical attention sought as soon as possible".

Earlier this month, a record number of snakes were removed from the I'm A Celebrity camp. Health and Safety Officer Jeremy Douglas admitting the weather has contributed to campmates seeing more than ever. Meanwhile, a deadly large brown snake was spotted near hosts Ant and Dec's Australian apartment.

He said: “We have had a lot of snakes on the site this year, possibly because it has been so humid. We have had pythons, and non-venomous and venomous species. You get small eyed snakes and brown tree snakes predominantly.”

Executive producer Laura Woolf added: “We've had 15 snake sightings across the site and then we've had to identify some venomous ones in camp."

On Thursday, Sam left his girlfriend Zara McDermott feeling a little sidelined, as she was snubbed in favour of his best mate Pete Wicks.

The former Love Islander was shocked to hear Sam call out "do it for Pete" in a trial instead of thinking of her, and now Pete has revealed that he will travel to Australia to be the first person to hug his mate when he leaves the jungle, rather than Zara.

A body-language expert has predicted that JLS star Marvin Humes will win the show.

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