Jacqueline Jossa emotional confession she 'feels like she’s not good enough’

JACQUELINE Jossa has made an emotional confession about "feeling like she’s not good enough" and struggling with anxiety.

The I'm A Celeb star, 28, opened up about having "down days" as she spoke to fans during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Jacqueline opened up about her own anxieties as she encouraged fans to be kind to one another on her Instastories.

Speaking candidly, the ex-EastEnders star said: "In my adult life I've struggled with anxiety, feeling pressured . . .feeling like I'm not good enough."

Looking stunning with her smoky-eye make-up and wearing a slogan hoodie, she added: "I've also struggled with getting mentally attacked and abused."

The star, who has teamed up with In The Style to encourage fans to tap into The Samaritans charity if they are struggling, said: "I definitely have down days. I have down days and I have really good days and I have 'meh' days.

"But I make sure I allow myself… you know, pat myself on the back and really take care and say look how far I've come."

Just last month Jacqueline quit social media after revealing a cruel troll's insults to her kids was "ruining her health."

The actress, as well as her husband Dan, 29, and their two children, have been suffering horrific abuse online that has made the star "unwell".

Jacqueline posted an adorable picture gazing into a lake with her daughters Ella and Mia.

She wrote alongside it: "You are my sun, my moon and my stars.

"A mother holds her daughters hands for a while, but their hearts FOREVER.

"Hoping you will always hold my hand and cuddle me close.

"Looking forwards for some more family time this weekend and a lot less social media. Love you baby girls. "

The I'm A Celeb winner's break from social media comes after she blocked the cruel troll website for her "mental health" after reading the comments became "self harm".

Jac, her husband Dan, 29, and their two children, have been suffering horrific abuse online that has made the star "unwell".

Last week she took to her Instagram stories to bravely share she had blocked the website so she could no longer read the horrific torrents.

"For me and for my brain and for my health, I'm just going to block the website on my phone," she began a long heart-to-heart with her 3.2million social media fans.

"If people send me a link or if I'm googling something and it comes up, I don't have to read it because it's not my business, it's their business."

Thanking her friends and adoring fans for their "lovely DMs" amid the difficult time, she went on to explain she would not longer be "reading what strange individuals" had to say.

"I need to just not read what strange individuals say about me, and that's fine – I'm not going to do that," Jac continued.

The mother-of-two detailed that she had been "struggling" for the past few days "worrying" about what she was saying and doing on social media.

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