James Corden mocked after mistaking Wayne Lineker for a lonely old man in spoof post

A VIRAL social media trend has taken a hilarious twist after James Cordon mistook Wayne Lineker for a lonely old man in a spoof post.

The Twitter trend, which all use the same wording, began after a good Samaritan shared a photo of an old man sitting alone in Wetherspoons.

The sweet post detailed of how the man was unable to use the app and was ignored by staff despite getting dressed up to sit in the pub for the first time.

Encouraging people to "look after your elderly", the original post detailed how two friendly people bought the man drinks and chatted to him.

However, youngsters have used the wording to post mock pictures of celebrities, including Bernie Sanders and Father Ted's Jack Hackett.

One hilarious version of the tweet grabbed more attention than the others, using a picture of O Beach Ibiza owner Wayne Lineker sitting alone.

Within hours of it surfacing, more than 17,200 people had liked the post with many noticing the joke, but for some, it went over their heads.

"Not all heroes wear capes," wrote one woman, as another added: "I read this before seeing the picture and thought 'awww' but ffs."

It was then that Late Late Show host James Corden fell for the prank, taking to his Twitter page to show support for the "lovely message".

"This is such a lovely message," he wrote, retweeting the post and the picture of Wayne, 59, sitting pensively by the pool.

He quickly realised the mistake and deleted the tweet, but not before users could mock him for falling for the blatant spoof.

"James Corden been baited," one said, as another chimed in of the "hilarious" error: "I'm f***ing howling. Undisputed winner of twitter today."

"James Corden tweeting this then deleting it bcos he didn’t realise it was actual Wayne Lineker has done me off for today goodbye," a third agreed.

Noting the huge pool in the background of the picture, one pointed out: "James Corden has clearly not been to Wetherspoons in a hot minute."

"James Corden mistaking big Wayne L for a genuine lonely old fella in Wetherspoons is my s***posting gold standard," the tweet's poster wrote.

Even Wayne himself saw the funny side of the awkward blunder, writing "Lol" in response to a fan reposting a screengrab of the tweet.

"Hahahaha dead," the bar owner added under another repost of James' deleted tweet on Instagram, alongside laughing emojis.

It's not the first time James has faced backlash this week, as the Gavin and Stacey star was slammed for hosting the hotly-anticipated Friends reunion.

Furious fans of the much-loved series questioned what the actor and comedian has to do with the iconic show.

James made an appearance in the trailer for Friends: The Reunion, which dropped on Wednesday evening.

While viewers rejoiced at the sight of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc back together, they were less than impressed with James' role in the reboot.

One raged on Twitter: "Was pretty much up for watching that Friends Reunion, then I heard James Corden’s voice on the trailer and I was a little bit sick in my mouth."

Another added: "So all these people could've been a part of the friends reunion but Warner Bros chose Justin Bieber and James Corden."

Meanwhile, Wayne left his fans in hysterics after posting with a super fan who has his name misspelled in a tattoo on her bum.

Very amused by the tribute, he wrote: “It’s Wayne not Wanye. When someone’s been on the sesh all night and ended up getting a tattoo in the west end."

The girl didn’t seem too worried though and proudly showed off the inking as she posed up with Gary Lineker’s brother. 

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