James Corden struggles to keep up with Prince Harry on Late Late Show obstacle course

JAMES Corden struggled to keep up with Prince Harry on the Late Late Show's obstacle course.

The chat show host, 42, put the Duke of Sussex through his paces in an American military obstacle course.

But Prince Harry seemed to remember his own training and got through it with ease – as James trailed behind us.

"Talk us through the course Sam, what are we looking at?" James asked Sam, who runs the course.

Prince Harry responded: "It doesn't look very short."

Sam then explained: "We've got eight obstacles out there for you. It's designed to test you mentally, physically and spiritually."

The course involved everything from a crawl through the mud, to a rope climb and a javelin throw.

Before the start, the Duke of Sussex asked: "You look nervous, are you all right?"

James replied: "No, feel completely pumped and ready. If anything I feel too jacked for it."

As the course progressed Prince Harry spoke to the chat show host in a high pitched voice, saying: "Come on, let's go, come on."

James then said: "You don't have to talk to me like I'm a dog."

At one point, they're both asked to scale a wall – but while the Duke of Sussex climbed it with ease, James ran and picked up a ladder.

James said: "That's military thinking. See a solution, get around it."

At the end Prince Harry seemed fine, saying: "You all right? That was quite fun. I enjoyed that. Same time tomorrow?"

Meanwhile, an out-of-breath James: "Never again. Prince Harry everybody."

The chat was filmed just days after Harry and Meghan confirmed they had stepped down as senior royals, and will never return to their official duties.

But while the chat was filmed before the pair were stripped of their honorary titles, Harry insisted his life will "always be about public service" – and says his wife "signed up for that" too.

It suggests both knew they'd lose some of their patronages in advance.

The 36-year-old added that it was a "really difficult environment" and said of the press: "It's destroying my mental health".

The duke also spoke about his early relationship with Meghan, 39 – admitting he knew she was "the one" after just two dates.

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