Janet Street-Porter sparks sexism row as she blasts Babatunde Aleshe

I'm a Celeb: Babatunde forfeits ledge challenge

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Janet Street-Porter has been branded “sexist” by Loose Women viewers following her remarks about I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! contestant Babatúndé Aléshé. The outspoken presenter slammed the actor for not being able to complete a challenge which his two campmates Charlene White and Jill Scott managed to do.

The Loose Women panel discussed their co-star Charlene successfully completing the difficult trial on Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV talk show. 

Before entering the camp, Charlene, Lioness Jill and Babatúndé were tasked with walking to the edge of a plank 334 feet in the air which was attached to a skyscraper on the Gold Coast. 

Once they walked to the end of the plank in their harnesses, they had to take a step forward onto a ledge.

They then had to let go of the handle they were holding onto and free fall so they were left dangling in the air. 

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Charlene and Jill nailed the task despite the Loose Women star admitting she was scared, but Babatúndé backed out after a couple of steps on the plank. 

Reflecting on the trial, which aired on ITV on Sunday night, Janet said: “She stood on that ledge for 45 minutes while a bloke was too frightened to step out.”

The audience burst into applause following Janet’s statement, but many viewers flocked to Twitter to brand the host “sexist”. 

Sparton Roy fumed: “Men aren’t allowed to be afraid now, Janet? A bit of a regressive opinion, is it not? #LooseWomen.” 

Dannii added: “Janet said, ‘While a bloke was too scared.’ And there it is, wanted equality, people should be able to show and express their feelings but yet it has been gendered, yet again! He is not any less of a man because he is scared of falling from 30-plus floors of a building.” (sic) 

Amy said: “So because he is a bloke he can’t be scared of heights? How sexist is that? #LooseWomen.” 

Trudy remarked: “Are blokes not allowed to be scared Janet?#LooseWomen.” 

Sara raged: “Why are you exhibiting weakness if you cry? Jesus wept! So far Janet has had a go at a bloke for being scared and a woman for crying. Great mental health ambassadors #LooseWomen.” 

Babs penned: “The #loosewomen hate the talk of shock at Baba ‘a bloke’ being too scared to walk out on the ledge when Charlene herself reassured him men can have feelings too. Take a note from your friend, Loose Women.” (sic) 

Later on, Loose Women star Brenda Edwards discussed Charlene getting tearful as she was tucked in her bed in the jungle the night following the challenge.

Brenda said: “She’s probably coiled up so much, she had her hands behind her head [standing on a plank].

“I couldn’t even stand up there looking down, and then you have a silent period and that is when it all comes out.” 

Babatúndé will have to face his fear of heights on Tuesday night’s instalment of I’m A Celebrity for another Bushtucker Trial. 

ITV has released a teaser clip of the comedian harnessed to a piece of apparatus in the middle of the jungle which had boxes full of stars attached to it. 

The full trial, which was filmed during heavy rainfall, will be shown during the episode. 

Loose Women continues on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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