Julianne Hough Golden Buzzer: America’s Got Talent awards fifth Golden Buzzer tonight

Julianne Hough gives out her Golden Buzzer during the latest episode of America’s Got Talent. The act receiving it will be the fifth one to automatically advance to the live shows.

Julianne is a new AGT judge this season, as she joined the panel with Gabrielle Union. The two ladies replaced Mel B and Heidi Klum, joining Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel for Season 14.

AGT Season 14 Golden Buzzer acts

Gabrielle, Simon, Howie, and host Terry Crews have each given out a Golden Buzzer already this season. Kodi Lee, Joseph Allen, Detroit Youth Choir, and Tyler Butler-Figueroa were the proud recipients.

During Season 14, Episode 7 on July 9, Julianne is going to make one of the acts extremely happy. Online buzz has built up about the final audition show of the season, but it should also mean that there are some great acts still to come.

Julianne has been very active on Twitter to promote the new episode. She even shared with fans the outfit she is going to be wearing when the fifth Golden Buzzer act takes the stage.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out when the final Golden Buzzer of the auditions is going to take place, though. The producers typically wait till the end of a given episode to showcase the best act of the night.

It would stand to reason this will happen during the July 9 episode as well.

AGT Judge Cuts

After Season 14, Episode 7 airs on NBC, the next group of episodes will be the AGT Judge Cuts. This is when the acts that made it through to the next round get one final shot to impress the judges.

This doesn’t include the Golden Buzzer winners, as they have already advanced straight to the live shows.

The AGT Judge Cuts begin with guest judge Brad Paisley joining the panel on July 16.

He will also get a Golden Buzzer of his own, which could come in handy if there is another stellar performer that should make it to the live shows.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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