Katherine Ryan and her daugher Violet, 11, horrified as they catch stranger performing a sex act in the car next to them

KATHERINE Ryan and her 11-year-old daughter, Violet, were left shocked after they saw a man allegedly performing a sex act in public.

The popular comedian took her tween daughter out for a "parking lot picnic" in the hopes of enjoying some quality mum and daughter time.

But things went quickly south when they both realised that a man in the parked car next to them was masturbating.

Katherine documented the ordeal on her Instagram stories.

Filming herself in the car, she said to the camera: "Took my daughter for an enchanting parking lot picnic.

"The man in the car next to us was jerking off."

The very honest mum then filmed herself discussing the incident with Violet and trying to convince her that the man was just sobbing, not doing anything lewd.

"He was just crying, Violet," Katherine tells her daughter as she looks at the window.

Violet who is wise beyond her years, knew that was not the case at all.

She tells her famous mum: "No he was not."

Katherine then insists: "Yeah, he had his head far back."

The comedian then leans back in her seat to mime what the stranger was doing, but pretending to also cry.

Violet was having none of it: "No, why was his hand in the under zone then? In the underworld?"

Katherine says the man was simply 'upset',: "Because he's sad about lockdown and he came to the parking lot to cry, and he was reaching for… Maybe a poem?"

"Then why was he ripping up the poem!?" Violets replies as she laughs.

"He couldn't get it!"

The offence of exposure – including masturbating in public – carries a maximum two year jail sentence in the UK.

Katherine is riding high on the success of her semi-autobiographical Netflix series The Duchess, which came out in September. 

It revolves around the complicated love life of Katherine, who navigates dating, single motherhood and trying every means possible to provide her daughter with a sibling – even turning to her ex-boyfriend to be a sperm donor. 

Injecting female empowerment and other political issues into her comedy is crucial for Katherine.

She said: “I think just being a female comedian is political in itself. For so long we were not encouraged to have a voice. 

“I weave politics into my comedy where I can. I am really exploring the best way to do it and be accessible. 

“I think that we've reached a place with entertainment where you have to be absolutely one way or absolutely the other. And I think it turns people off and it's divisive.” 

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