Lilly Singh Gets a Laundry List of Network Rules for Female Hosts: 'Smile,' 'Never Turn 30' (Video)

“Don’t use the word feminist, it’s too aggressive and scary,” the new NBC late-night host is advised

Lilly Singh is the latest late-night ho — er, host, at NBC. And as a female ho — er, host — she has a certain list of rules she needs to comply with.

In a sketch on Tuesday’s “A Little Late With Lilly Singh,” a couple of network execs gave the former YouTube star a laundry list of rules for being a female ho– HOST. Sorry, the fact her door mistakenly says “Female Ho” keeps throwing us off.

“Dear Female Ho,” Singh says as she reads the list aloud (Yeah, the mistake keeps popping up). “Since you are female, here is a list of rules you will need to follow in order for audiences to like you since you are female.”

Rule 1: “Be funny.” OK, she can do that.

Rule 2: “Don’t curse on television.” But the execs in the room can.

Rule 3: “Be assertive, but not too assertive, because then people will call you a — whoa! OK, so I can’t curse but this list can?” Apparently both the executives in the room can curse and so can this list of rules.

Rule 4: “Always smile, no one likes a woman with RBF.”

Before Singh can say she does know what RBF is, the male exec mansplains it to her: “Do you know what this is? The Resting Bitch Face? It’s this thing where like a woman is walking down the street and she’s not smiling and you don’t know why because it’s a scientific fact that women look sexier when they do smile until they get older and then you’re like, ‘Hey lady, do whatever you want to do with your face. No one is looking at you!’”

The female exec just suggest she smile all the time to be safe.

Another rule: “Never turn 30 or older. What, I am 30?” Yeah, the network doesn’t think she should tell anyone that.

“Don’t use the word feminist, it’s too aggressive and scary.” OK, now Singh wants to see the list of male late-night hosts, which simply reads: “Make hahas.”

Welp, at least someone came to fix her door to say “Host.”

Watch the clip above.

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