Love Island fans floored over wild twist as Kady steals boy and one girl dumped

When Love Island first revealed that villa legend Kady McDermott would be returning to to the show on the hunt for love, fans knew it would spell trouble – but nothing could have prepared them for the unexpected twist that rocked the villa on Friday night.

Just hours after arriving in the villa, Kady was tasked with breaking up one of the couples, and stealing a boy of her choice.

After much deliberation, she settled on Zachariah, a decision which left Molly Marsh single and ultimately dumped from the Love Island villa.

Things first kicked off with her arrival earlier in the day, when the former bombshell sat down with the boys while the girls were away from the villa at a spa day.

Getting to know the boys, she soon posed an intriguing question to them as she asked each contestant: ”Who is closed off, like completely closed off?” As she weighed up her options for which Islander to pursue.

While several of the boys were revealed to be quite happy in their current couplings, one islander, Tyrique Hyde, admitted that he wasn’t opposed to getting to know her better, despite being coupled up with Ella Thomas!

"I'm not completely closed off… but I am very happy in my couple at the moment,” Tyrique told her in a seemingly contradictory statement, leaving his fellow islanders immediately baffled by his candour.

A shocked Kady replied "interesting", adding: "So you're not completely closed off?" with Tyrique then explaining: "I'm not fully closed off, the door's a little bit open…"

Later in the day, Tyrique took Kady to the terrace and told her "How would you feel if I wanted to get to know you?" as she flirtatiously replied: "Yeah, I'd be alright with that…"

To which a grinning Tyrique added: "Yeah, sign me up, nice!”

A short while later, Jess Harding received a text, asking the Islanders to head to the fire pit, where Kady received a message which read: "Kady, it's time for you to make a very big decision… please stand in front of the fire pit…"

As the Islanders looked on in horror, Kady was forced to make the tough decision of stealing a boy from the established couples to couple up with.

Despite only being in the villa for less than 24 hours, Kady felt she had the strongest connection and picked Zachariah leaving Molly Marsh, who he had been coupled up with single.

In a shocking twist, a second text then revealed that as she was now single, Molly had been subsequently dumped from the villa, effective immediately.

Love Island continues Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX

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