Love Island fans think Jess and Sammy are doing bits under cover after clue

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    Love Island fans are convinced Jess Harding and Sammy Root were getting frisky under the covers during Friday’s episode (June 16).

    While drama was surrounding the pair mere moments earlier after Mitchel Taylor revealed he was crushing on Jess, it seems when it came to bed time, it was all behind them.

    The loved-up pair were seen cuddling under the covers with the lights out when Jess told him flirtatiously: “'Are you ticklish? do you like that?'

    Sammy was then seen offering up a huge grin.

    Fans are now certain the pair have joined the famous Do Bits society – whose members have performed X-rated acts on the series.

    “Jess and Sammy doing bits already didn’t last long,” said one fan.

    “Jess what are you doing that’s ticklish babe,” asked another.

    A third added: “What what’s jess doing w Sammy in bed lmaoo,” to which another replied: “Tickling his pickle.”

    The night was full of scandal for singleton Jess as she was seen returning from her date with new bombshell Scott Van-Der-Sluis.

    While Jess was enjoying her date with the Shelbourne Football Club goalkeeper, Sammy was seen flirting with new girl Leah, with the pair admitting they were open to get to know each other.

    But when Jess returned, Sammy told her he was thinking about her the whole time.

    Things escalated further when Mitch pulled Jess for a chat and told her he was interested in getting to know her better.

    Stunned, Jess told him she was open to getting to know him but later revealed she was stunned by the sudden confession.

    She even admitted that she “doesn’t want to use him” but it would “keep Sammy on his toes.”

    Fans reacted, warning her to keep her cards close to her chest.

    “I kinda feel bad for Jess. I don’t think any of those boys really like her tbh. Not Sammy, not Scott and especially not Mitch!” said one fan.

    Another said: “funny sammy cares so much about jess now that mitch wants her, yesterday u didn't want her.”

    Others blasted her comments about using Mitch after she critiziced Molly for doing the same.

    “I wouldn’t want to use Mitch but it’ll keep Sammy on his toes” Jess babe didn’t you have a go at Molly for getting to know Zachariah whilst she was with Mitch?

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