Love Island Libertys life off-screen – Nandos waitress to brutal heartbreak

Liberty Poole has left fans heartbroken after her shock exit days before Love Island's finale.

Viewers were left in tears following her break up with Jake on Thursday night’s episode.

On Friday night’s show, following their split, the pair agreed to leave the villa as friends while they enjoyed their final date on a luxury boat.

Although Liberty’s time in the villa has come to an end, we don’t think it will be the last time we see her.

The 21 year-old will be returning to her life back home in Birmingham.

While Liberty has walked away from the £50,000 prize, it's hard to believe she will be going back to her life as a waitress after gaining such a huge fanbase.

The bombshell was part of the original lineup to join the villa and immediately coupled up with Jake.

She was desperate to meet ‘the one’ after a rocky relationship with her ex-boyfriend who reportedly cheated on her last September.

Best pal Paige Skinner claimed to The Sun on Sunday: “Lib has had a rocky love life. Her relationship with her ex was very on-off for about two years.”

Liberty reportedly found out her boyfriend had cheated on her when the girl he had been with got in touch.

Skinner said: “He wasn’t having a full-on affair but he made a mistake and that was enough for Lib.

“Lib has never really felt loved and that is what she’s looking for on the show.”

Although Liberty may be leaving the show single, she has made some revelations about herself.

She said to best friend Kaz: “I might not have found love, or the love that I thought I had at first, but I’ve found self-love and you can’t let someone…or fall in love with someone until you love yourself inside and out and I feel like Love Island has been that for me.”

When Liberty first joined the villa she admitted that while she may appear “ditzy” she is anything but.

The blonde beauty achieved 9 A’s and an A* at school and had aspirations to train as a doctor.

However when she got to her A-levels she admitted she lost interest in biology and chemistry, deciding to follow a different career path.

Liberty thought marketing would be better suited to her and is now studying the subject at Birmingham City University, with hopes of getting a first class honours degree.

To support herself throughout her studies Liberty was working as a waitress at Nando's where she has had a fair few admirers.

Due to her clumsy nature she said she is put on the door as a hostess, but this lets her speak to people more.

Of course the beauty gets chatted up at work, with one customer even proposing to her.

Liberty said that instead of a diamond ring though the man had a charity badge in his hand.

Liberty said: “So I was thinking, that’s one way of saying I’m a charity case when it comes to love!"

She revealed that another customer had given her a napkin rose.

Liberty has won the hearts of viewers too during her time in the villa, including Hollywood actress Margot Robbie.

Margot told the Mirror: "I love Liberty. She is my favourite, for sure.

"It’s incredible how much you care about these people you have never met."

It is clear where the bombshell gets her looks.

Prior to entering the villa Liberty posted a sweet photo of her Mum, Jo Poole and her enjoying cocktails in a skyscraper bar.

Liberty captioned the photo: “Happy birthday to the person who taught me sky is the limit, love you mom.”

It is clear that her Mum is proud with regular posts on Instagram showing support.

Jo posted on Unstagram on Friday: “Seeing Lib so upset last night has broken my heart. She’s about to get the biggest cuddle of her life! I’m on my way.”

While her Mum’s cuddle may not heal her broken heart, it will definitely help.

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