Mark Wright says I know Ill be a great Dad as he hopes for baby with Michelle

Mark Wright talks about becoming emotional on A Wright Family Holiday

Mark Wright agreed he would make a “great Dad” as he shared his hopes of having children with wife Michelle Keegan.

Speaking on the Big Fish with Spencer Matthews podcast, he said: “I want my future and I want my kids …when I one day have them …to be secure.”

Spencer replied: “I think you’d be a great dad.”

Mark responded: “Thank you. I know I will because I love my nephew so much.”

Both Mark’s sister, Jess and brother, Joshua, have welcomed children with their partners in recent years.

Mark also gave a rare insight into his marriage with Michelle, as the couple usually keep their relationship private.

He remarked: “My wife, I don’t talk about her loads just because I feel like if you bring your relationship…..obviously you got to share a little bit of your heart and your love and your wife and whatever, because people like to see it.

“It’s also another way of showing affection, isn’t it on Instagram, but I try and hold a little bit back but to sum it up in a paragraph she’s the sweetest, nicest, kindest person you’ve ever met and at the same time, the opposite of boring, in being too nice.

“She’s got feistiness, and she loves a party. She’s just so fun. We laugh all the time. She’s incredible. She’s changed me and made me happy, and she grounds me.”

The former TOWIE star and actress wed in 2015, however, they have spent quite a bit of time apart in recent years with Mark moving to America to pursue a television presenting career, and Michelle filming all over the world.

Mark also touched upon his fear that he will one day lose everything like his father did.

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His father, Mark Snr, lost his business during the recession in the 1980s. And because of this, Mark and his family went from having everything to nothing in quick succession.

He outlined: “I’ve always believed in my heart, that I’m going to lose it all one day, and I can’t get it out of my head. Even now, I always used to say to my dad, ‘what age were you when you lost it?’

“[He said] ‘32 I started losing it, 34 it was gone’. So, when I was 31 I was sure I was going to lose it. Didn’t happen.”

Mark added: “I was rushing those years through just because I just had this subconscious feeling that my life was going to repeat and follow my dad’s.”

Mark recalled the “trauma” of seeing what his parents went through during this time back in 2020, when he spoke to Fabulous magazine.

“Just watching them go from having it all to having absolutely nothing,” had a serious impact on him growing up and it took several years for the family to get back on their feet.

Listeners can tune into the whole podcast episode on Global Player.

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