Married At First Sight Australia’s Jess reveals addiction hell after Dan split

Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power has opened up about her addiction hell, following her split from Dan Webb.

Season six of MAFS was initially filmed in 2018, but is currently airing in the UK on weeknights on E4.

Jess raised eyebrows with her antics on the show, when she embarked on an affair with Dan – despite them being married to Mick Gould and Tamara Joy respectively.

However, their romance came to an abrupt end when he dumped her on live TV, over scenes that took place months before.

Speaking to about their split and the backlash she received from viewers, she explained that it was her ‘lowest point’.

‘I was already copping hate from the Australian public. I was copping hate from his family, his friends. And then I also had to deal with a breakup, the hurt of a breakup,’ she told us. 

‘Then when we broke up, I was also getting double hate [from people] saying, “sucked in you b***h, you f**king deserve it.” Then the second that we broke up, all these girls came out of the woodwork with, “Dan did this when you were together, Dan did that”. 

‘I was at a really low point, I actually got a really bad Xanax addiction. I was drinking a bottle or two of white wine a day on Xanax. It was really bad.’

The star continued: ‘I’ve been through a lot in my life, a lot of bad things. Honestly that was the hardest time I’ve ever been through, and the one time I couldn’t bring myself out of it. It was pretty scary. 

‘People don’t understand that we’re people, we’re normal people that have emotions and feelings. We’re not just puppets for everybody’s entertainment after a show ends. These things do hurt the average person. Also at the time I was only 27, I was still really young.’

Jess and Dan caused outrage – and made MAFS history – when their affair was eventually revealed.

In shocking scenes, they asked to continue on in the experiment together, with partners Mick and Tamara leaving the series and going home.

While they stayed together for a while after the show ended, things came crashing down when Dan dumped Jess on live TV in an explosive row.

Discussing their relationship, Jess insisted that she had moved her entire life across the country because she was determined for things to work out.

‘I lived in Perth here in Australia which is about five-and-a half-hour flight to the Gold Coast, and I basically moved my entire life,’ she said. ‘I left my work, friends, family… Everything to just move here for this guy, on a whim, who I thought loved me. And we broke up on live TV. 

‘It was because he watched back the reunion when I hit on Nic, which he already knew. First of all, before it was even shown or filmed at our reunion, he knew about it.’

Jess recalled Dan acting ‘shocked’ at the scenes at the reunion, which she found ‘suss’ as he already knew what went down.

‘We were together the entire time, up until the end of this season airing on our TV,’ she said. ‘He’s known that this is going to be shown. And then blows up on live TV and breaks up with me.

‘But then I find out from Tamara months later – because her and I are really good friends now – that it was all planned, apparently. 

‘You know what, that’s fine. I now have come to terms with it.’

While the show is airing on our screens, it was filmed three years ago and Jess explained that a lot had changed with the cast in the time since.

Despite all of the drama, she was adamant that the former couple had put their differences aside, adding: ‘We are really, really good now. We’re good friends.’

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Married At First Sight Australia continues on weekdays, at 8.30, on E4.

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