Married At First Sight’s Karen Landry Wants Women To Stop Doing This

Karen Landry isn’t here for fans crushing on her husband, Miles Williams. The two were matched together on Season 11 of Married at First Sight and made it as one of the few couples who decided to stay together on Decision Day, as noted by Screen Rant. Fans were skeptical of whether or not the two would stay together after witnessing the awkward energy between them following their onscreen wedding. 

While Miles struggled to get his new wife to show him affection, Karen said she needed more of an emotional connection to her new husband in order to get physical. The dilemma led to frustration between the couple and criticism from viewers. Fans had even called out the show’s producers for allegedly editing Karen in a way that made it appear that she was not interested in Miles. But after spending extra weeks together due to the season being filmed amid the pandemic, Karen admitted the unique scenario allowed them to develop a more genuine connection. As a result, the Williamses walked away from the show as happy newlyweds. 

Karen Landry says 'a few hundred' women have flirted with Miles Williams

During the Married at First Sight reunion show, Soap Dirt noted the moment Miles Williams admitted to considering saying “no” to Karen Landry leading up to Decision Day. Additionally, he shared that women had been sliding into his DMs following his appearance on the hit TLC show. But Karen wasn’t feeling all the fan love from the ladies. After Miles said only “a few” fans sent him a direct message, Karen claimed it had been “a few hundred, maybe.” 

The couple continued to joke about the flirty fan messages when Karen asked Miles what he wanted to say to all the women swooning over him. To the approval of MAFS fans, the newlywed showed his loyalty to his wife when he confirmed his love for her and lack of interest in pursuing other women. According to Soap Dirt, viewers were happy to see Karen being more possessive of her husband after the season showed otherwise. The new wife went on to confirm that she and Miles finally got around to getting cozy in the bedroom and she had no complaints in that area.

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