Married at First Sights Morag claims producers made her expose Joshs past DMs

Married at First Sight UK star Morag Crichton has claimed that she was made to reveal Joshua Christie had slid into her DMs.

This week, viewers were gobsmacked when Morag revealed that Amy Christophers' husband Josh had slid into her DMs a year before the show started.

And while some fans were unhappy with her revelation – as Amy and Josh were already having their issues – she has now come out to defend herself.

The veterinary nurse shared an image from the girls' day out on her Instagram Story and said that everyone was still happy at the end of it.

When a fan called out her actions, Morag quickly fired back: "Was you there? Did you see the card in the game of Never Have I Ever? which said, 'Never have I ever been DMed by another wife's husband' but that wasn't edited in. I was told to say that!"

She then called out the production team, saying: "Gotta love the production s*** stirrers."

Amy had been left astounded after the revelation, saying of her 26-year-old husband: "Blondes aren't even his type though."

The couple had been having their struggles with Amy even considering leaving the show at the most recent Commitment Ceremony.

At the start of the week, Amy admitted she wouldn't be watching the upcoming episodes as it was "a hard week".

Fans watched as the couples entered Yes Week, with Josh being the one in control out of his and Amy's relationship.

The 26-year-old tried to get Amy, 34, to drink a green smoothie with a raw egg in but she was having none of it.

She snatched the bottle away from him and batted his hands away as she lost her temper.

Viewers were seriously unimpressed, with one even asking: "Where are they finding these rabid girls?"

Previously they'd been left angered after former cast member Nikita Jasmine threw a coffee cup at her husband Anthony Poole.

She was eventually made to leave the show, and Ant then entered a relationship with Alexis Economou after she and her husband Jordon Mundell both chose to exit the experiment.

However things aren't going all too well for Ant and Alexis, as she has shared concerns for their relationship.

While Ant is keen not to just jump in bed with Alexis, she has made it clear she wants more touchy-feely affection.

Married at First Sight UK airs Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4

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