Max brutally attacks killer Bobby in EastEnders

Every time that Max Branning (Jake Wood) thinks that he can put the past behind him when it comes to the death of Lucy Beale, the ghosts of what he went through come back to haunt him. Having spotted Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) back on the Square in EastEnders, Max saw the red mist descend and chased the young killer into his home.

But how far is Max willing to go as he prepares to launch a vicious attack on Lucy’s killer? Given that Max lost everything and went to prison for Bobby’s crime, he has some scores to settle but as Bobby quivers in fear and collapses onto the sofa with Max looming over him, will Max pull back before he does something violent?

Or will his rage overpower him and lead him to do something drastic? Since returning, Bobby has been struggling with life back in the place where everything went so badly wrong and knowing how the community would react to him, he has stayed indoors, worrying Kathy (Gillian Taylforth).

And it seems that he was right to be worried about the backlash as the moment that Max clocked him, his fears became a reality. Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) enters the fray to find Max being aggressive towards Bobby – but can he stop him from going too far?

It remains to be seen whether Max will take a vicious revenge or pull back but Bobby’s return is likely to be haunting for him and perhaps bring up other devastating memories from recent times.

His bitterness over being framed was what drove him to turn on the entire Square and work with James Willmott-Brown to attempt to destroy the community. And the end result was him causing the death of Steven and then losing his beloved daughter Abi when she fell to her death trying to save him.

Will Bobby’s reappearance send Max down a dark path again?

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