Max commits a shocking crime in Corrie

With David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) in Coronation Street in prison, his son Max (Harry McDermott) has been struggling to adjust to life with just Shona (Julia Goulding) looking after him. He’s already tried to hit Nick (Ben Price) with a cricket bat, and also ruined his sister Lily’s (Brooke Malonie) birthday party and soon Max will commit a shocking crime – but will Shona confess all to David?

We already know Max has stopped taking his ADHD medication and when Audrey (Sue Nicholls) looks after Max in the salon for the day, he overhears her telling Bethany (Lucy Fallon) she wouldn’t blame Shona for packing her bags and leaving. Cathy’s (Melanie Hill) annoyed when Audrey messes up the dye on her hair and when Audrey realises Max tampered with the mixture, she marches him back to Shona.

On Audrey’s advice, Shona takes Max to visit David so that he can tell him off but David expresses relief that Max has settled down so Shona keeps quiet.

Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) informs Shona that Summer (Matilda Freeman) phoned from school to report that Max tried to sell her his ADHD medication. Shona dreads the inevitable confrontation but tackles Max about selling pills at school.

After visiting the headmaster, Shona tells Leanne (Jane Danson) that Max has been suspended and Leanne tells Shona the time has come for her to be honest with David.

But when Shona visits David in prison again, will she tell him everything about Max? Or keep some things quiet so he doesn’t have to worry about him whilst being in prison?

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