Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton ‘feud’: ‘There’s SO MUCH people don’t know’, actress says

Tiffany Smith plays Meghan Markle in the new movie Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal, which has aired on Lifetime in the US. In a previous film made by the broadcaster about the couple – A Royal Romance, which had different actors – the Duchess of Cambridge was shown to be antagonistic. So speaking to E!, Smith was asked if this is still the case in this sequel, given that the relationship between the two women has been the focus of much scrutiny in recent years, but little is concretely known. How did the film-makers portray them, given constant rumours of a feud?

Smith said: “A big piece that was so important to me was when I read the script and deciding to take on the role, was that I think she [Meghan] speaks out so much about women’s empowerment and women supporting women.

“That was a huge piece for me that I wanted to make sure came across in this movie.

“And so, yes, we did some scenes with Kate, together.”

Indicating that their rapport could be somewhat complex, she continued: “There is so much stuff that has come out [about their relationship] and there’s so much people don’t know.

“From everything I’ve read, they’re both such incredible strong women.”


She added: “That’s what I was really hoping came across in this movie, and that people feel joyful and uplifted and can feel the love.”

Smith had previously said in a separate interview that writers avoided deep-diving into the alleged feud between the two “because we don’t know what the real story is there”.

One imagined moment in the film – teased in preview footage – sees Meghan telling Kate ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry: “I worry, if I’m being honest, that if I don’t speak up about the causes I want to support as a Royal before the wedding, the world is just going to see me as a girl in a dress without a voice.”

Kate, played by Laura Mitchell, is seen smiling sympathetically. So do the two women bond in this movie?

The film also covers a scene in which Meghan confronts her father, Thomas Markle, after hearing he had a heart attack through the media.

“That scene, in particular, was really important for me to work really hard on and spend a lot of time talking to the director,” Smith told ET Canada.

“For me, it was – yes we’ve seen Meghan very put together, and is fully someone to look up to.

“But she’s still a multi-layered woman – you can have incredibly emotional moments but still be that strong, empowered woman.

“So that’s why that scene was really weighty for me and I wanted to make sure we got it right.”

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