Molly Marsh reveals there are secret mics in the Love Island villa beds

Molly Marsh has made quite a splash since entering the Love Island villa, currently caught up in a love triangle with fellow Islanders Zachariah Noble and Mitchel Taylor who have both been vying for Molly Marsh's attention since the start of the show.

However, prior to entering the villa, Molly already had a substantial social media following, particularly on TikTok, which has opened doors for her as an influencer, including the one to the winter Love Island 2023 villa in South Africa.

Earlier this year, Molly – in addition to several other influencers – was invited to explore the villa before the actual Islanders had stepped inside. In an interview with Digital Voices for their Creator: Behind the Influence podcast, that was released just in time for Molly's Love Island 2023 debut, Molly discussed how she went to South Africa to film content for her TikTok channel, in a bid to promote the new series.

During the podcast, the host asked whether Molly tested the comfort of the beds. In response, Molly revealed that the influencers were banned from sitting or lounging on the Love Island beds during their visit. Molly then let slip a major production secret, adding that there are actually tiny microphones discreetly hidden in the beds to capture every hush conversation and under the cover antics.

Molly said: "I did see the secret mics in the beds – that was, like, my little secret. They were just poking through like that."

The podcast host then joked: “I don’t know if that would make me feel happy going to sleep or really stressed.”

Former Islander Luca Bish has also been dishing out some Love Island secrets, including the “telltale” sign that indicated someone was about to get a text.

The islander revealed: “With the text, you soon cotton on when you think there’s gonna be one.”

Dishing out secrets, he said: “Someone goes into the villa, goes to the toilet, or go put some eyeliner on, or something like that just in the middle of the day, random little plod in there and come out with a phone.

“Oh well we know the score then there’s going to be a text.”

Talking about what the islanders do on their phones, Luca revealed that the phones each of the islanders have "don’t do anything" and the islanders "can’t do anything on them other than take pictures"

He continued: "so nine times out of 10 we never really had the phones on us.”

“So when someone went in the villa then come out with a phone in their hand, it was kind of a telltale sign to know we were getting the text and who was getting it”.

As week two of Love Island comes to a close, the drama in the villa doesn’t appear to be dying down as last night’s episode saw contestants Catherine Agbaje and Whitney Adebayo appear to make Jess Harding cry while confronting her over her “mean girl” behaviour.


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