Money Heist plot hole: Fans insist the gang has no time to escape the Bank in part five

Money Heist: Fans believe Tatiana is key in series five events

Streaming service Netflix will bring its most popular international series to a close after five seasons next year. The Professor and his team of robbers face even more obstacles in the final part of Money Heist, and viewers are still concerned he hasn’t revealed a single detail about his escape plan.

The Professor (played by Álvaro Morte) will need to pull off some particularly impressive manoeuvres to ensure his team’s survival in the upcoming season of Money Heist.

As the wait for the popular Spanish thriller’s return continues into 2021, fans have been questioning how Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), Denver (Jaime Lorente) and the rest of the criminal gang will escape the Bank of Spain.

In the latest instalment, the team were spurred on by the death of their teammate Nairobi (Alba Flores), though things aren’t looking so positive behind the scenes.

Season four’s final moments revealed disgraced police inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) had somehow infiltrated the Professor’s hideout, and is now holding him at gunpoint.

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Moreover, there’s still the question of some 90 tonnes of gold to be smuggled out along with the surviving crew.

Production is currently underway in Milan, but viewers have already raised their concerns about whether showrunner Álex Pina will be able to deliver the goods in Part Five.

One fan took to Reddit to speculate if the Professor actually has contingencies in place to spring his team from the Bank of Spain, or if he’s been making things up as he goes along.

Redditor purplerainbowsrule posted: “So many characters in Parts 3 and 4 have said that melting the 90 tons of gold is the only way the team are going to escape the bank, but what is the importance of this?”

“Melting the gold into pellets is one thing, but no character has offered an explanation on what the escape plan is or how they’re doing it?”

Although the team still haven’t confirmed how they’re getting the gold out of the Bank, both they and the Professor have made multiple references to melting it down for easier transport.

Another fan offered a convincing explanation and replied: “After reviewing a few clues, I am convinced that the gold will be removed by way of a pneumatic tube.

“One that had been installed at the bank 100 years before and long since abandoned and forgotten as other technologies made it obsolete.”

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However, this still doesn’t explain how the Professor plans to liberate his team from inside the Bank from right under the nose of the Spanish police.

The fan added to their criticisms, citing a vital piece of the criminal mastermind’s plan for the first heist on the Royal Mint of Spain to justify their complaints.

They continued: “In the first two parts, Moscow was creating the escape tunnel in the vault long before they escaped.

“But, with one final season left, my concern is that the escape will be rushed and shoe-horned into the last episodes as an immediate plot device.”

Thankfully, Netflix has padded out the length of Money Heist’s final outing to ten episodes.

The Professor’s elaborate schemes and the show’s convoluted plot twists have been targeted by the show’s critics in the past, but an extended run of ten episodes should give season five a little more time to breathe.

Unfortunately, this still may not satisfy some of Money Heist’s more critical fans, especially if the gang reveal an ingenious and infallible escape plan at the very last minute.

Money Heist Part 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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