‘NCIS’: Some Fans Don't Want Cote de Pablo's Ziva to Return

It’s been some time since NCIScharacter ZivaDavid (Cote de Pablo) popped up on Gibbs(Mark Harmon) at the end of the season 16 finale, but there’s still a lotof buzz about her surprise appearance. Although some fans are excited about thereturn of Ziva, others aren’t so thrilled. Here’s why some NCIS fans are saying enough is enough.

Some NCIS fans are done with Ziva

There are definitely viewers on team Ziva, but some wouldrather she stay in hiding. Some fans on Reddit are hoping Ziva is just a ghostand that she won’t make any more appearances on the show beyond the season 17premiere. As far as we know, it looks like Cote de Pablo is set to come backfor the first episode of season 17, but there hasn’t been any word on what theproducers have planned for her character beyond that. And that’s just fine forsome viewers, who would rather see her go away.

Some fans say they don’t care about Ziva at all

A Reddit discussion revealed some NCIS fans don’t care either way when it comes to Ziva reunitingwith the team. This fan said he feels the show should just end:

Would I care if she returned anyway? Not one bit. It’s time to end [the show] in my opinion. The moment they gave Gibbs a fourth wife (fifth, including Shannon, I think) was the moment his story arc was drawn out for me. I am currently re-watching old (Season 4) NCIS episodes and it just shows how far this show has declined. I’ve watched it air since day one. I want it to last but only if it’s worth it.

Most people had all kinds of positivereactions when Ziva appeared during the final minutes of season 16 (such ascrying and screaming), but one fan on Reddit said Ziva’s return wasn’t all thatexciting. “Honestly, I think that Ziva’s return was the least interesting thingof this episode,” said the Reddit commenter.

Some NCIS viewers want Ziva gone for good

Even fans who like Cote de Pablo’s character want Ziva to disappear. Some viewers are just ready to move on instead of revisiting the past. Here’s what one Redditor had to say:

I like Ziva a lot. But I feel like the show, in season 16, was finally hitting its stride without her. The chemistry on the show was finally good, the writing had improved, things were getting going again. The show really, really doesn’t need Ziva to come back right now right when it’s hitting its stride again. What NCIS has done best these last few seasons was when it looked forward and tried to develop chemistry and good storytelling with the characters that it has. What it has done poorly is when it tried to be too much like the past… I love Ziva, but I hope she’s in for only the first episode next season and then gone again.  

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